Back to Normal…

Second week back at work and life is nice again…ho hum…five weeks until school starts; I got my schedule posted online the other day (yay!) As soon as that school loan money rolls in, I get to buy books and school supplies! And scrubs, because all medical assistant students have to them…which kind of rocks my world a little…I don’t know why, because it will just add to the never-ending pile of laundry. grrr. I also get a school laptop for schoolwork with special software so that I can use my personal laptop at home for my incessant Facebook gaming and blog stalking surfing activities, which I will scale back on once school starts, so I am slowly weaning myself a little each night, which hasn’t been so bad. I also need to start curbing my TV addiction, which I admit is a little out of control. I will have to see how this one goes…one battle at a time.


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