Pre-Surgery Craziness

Today is the week before surgery and my house clean and *hope, hope* it stays this way, but it still is only Monday and my parents and I don’t leave for Minneapolis until next Monday, so lots can happen until then, so who knows! Hopefully between work and sleeping, everything will stay clean! On another topic, I have news that I just can’t wait to tell, and since not a lot of people know about my blog, I feel safe spilling the beans about it here ~ I am going back to school! I know, know, I must be crazy! It’s been 6, no seven years since I have sat in a classroom, but I am feeling at a standstill in my life right now and feel like a change needs to happen, so school is in order! I am enrolling at Lake Area Technical Institute here in Watertown and will be in the Occupational Tech Assistance program. I am not sure yet whether or not if I am going to be in the program yet or starting generals because there is a waiting list, so I either will be a PT student just doing my generals this fall or will be a FT student in the OTA program…it depends on this waiting list thingy that I won’t know about for sure until the middle of June. I am very excited and a little freaked out all at the same time. I will let you all know when it is official! P.S. no telling!


Cinco de Mayo

Hello readers? Since I am posting this at midnight, I do not know what the day holds yet, but hopefully it will be something exciting…dad is still in the hospital, driving himself bored silly, and the rest of us patiently waiting for him to be ready to get home and drive mom crazy 😉 Nothing much else exciting has been going on lately, the dating game on hasn’t been panning out for me, which makes me a little sad, since I am spending money on it, and I keep getting rejected, but hopefully one of these days, someone will click the ‘like’ button back at me…hope, hope! Anyways, I just felt saying hello to cyberspace tonight, so hopefully someone will stumble upon my incessant incoherent ramblings and say hello 🙂

Update ~ dad made it home from the hospital today 🙂